Featured Investigation

Featured Investigation

Scant discipline follows prosecutors’ impropriety in Massachusetts

In 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found “egregious prosecutorial misconduct” after an assistant district attorney withheld evidence a judge had ordered him to produce for the...

Claims of wage cheating hit asbestos firms

Federal prosecutors are investigating an asbestos-removal company active in the Boston area to see whether the firm withheld wages and benefits from workers, according...

Renovation boom revives a deadly demon for Massachusetts workers

Thousands of workers are routinely exposed to danger asbestos without adequate safety protections. The gap between regulation and on-the-ground conditions at job sites can lead to incurable cancer.

With thousands of convictions in jeopardy, Mass. AG’s office scrutinized over...

Hearings could help decide how many of thousands of convictions tainted by Farak's testing may be overturned.

Judge grants hearing on motion to reverse murder conviction

A Massachusetts judge granted a hearing to examine whether police tampered with evidence in the case of Darrell Jones, convicted three decades ago for...

FDA blinks on genetic testing, delays action

The FDA is delaying a major effort to bring thousands of genetic tests under its purview, despite concerns that unregulated tests are wrongly identifying conditions.

Vineyard prosecutor accused of misconduct in three cases

In a rare move, the judicial office that brings disciplinary cases against lawyers in Massachusetts has accused a prosecutor of professional misconduct.

Child maltreatment deaths drop in 2015, state says

The number of Massachusetts’s children whose deaths were linked to abuse and neglect dropped by more than half in 2015 from the year before, according to data released late Thursday by state officials.

Abuse and neglect reports mount at special ed schools, official says

Massachusetts regulators received 95 reports of alleged abuse and neglect at residential special education schools since July 1, according to the state’s Department of Early Education and Care.