At an old munitions site, hikers get no warning of newfound...

A 130-acre tract of conservation land south of Boston remains largely open to public use without posted warnings despite new risks of unexploded munitions...

New bill would end payment cap for wrongful conviction in Massachusetts

The proposed legislation would eliminate a cap on damages and provide immediate funds for those likely to win their claim against the state.

Pembroke Hospital cuts psychiatric beds after staffing criticism

A for-profit psychiatric hospital that’s faced repeated criticism has reduced its patient capacity by more than a third.

Renovation boom revives a deadly demon for Massachusetts workers

Thousands of workers are routinely exposed to danger asbestos without adequate safety protections. The gap between regulation and on-the-ground conditions at job sites can lead to incurable cancer.

Wrongful incarceration. Moral debt?

Kevin O’Loughlin is wrestling with the Massachusetts attorney general’s office for compensation under a 2004 law that grants damages for the wrongly convicted.

The story of Lawyer Johnson

Johnson's plight was part of the reason the Massachusetts legislature passed a law to compensate the wrongly convicted.

OSHA launches four more investigations at Arbour psychiatric hospitals

The federal agency that monitors workplace dangers has launched investigations into four Boston-area psychiatric hospitals owned by the largest private provider of mental health...

Offshore money pours into slot machine initiative in Massachusetts

Revised campaign finance filings show funding for Question 1 didn't come from outside the state, but outside the country.

Wealthy individuals favoring charter schools swamp the little people on ballot...

Virtually all of the individual donations for the state ballot issue on charter schools has gone toward supporting the measure.