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New bill would end payment cap for wrongful conviction in Massachusetts

The proposed legislation would eliminate a cap on damages and provide immediate funds for those likely to win their claim against the state.

Wrongful incarceration. Moral debt?

Kevin O’Loughlin is wrestling with the Massachusetts attorney general’s office for compensation under a 2004 law that grants damages for the wrongly convicted.


Mass AG settles with two who allegedly misled elderly in reverse...

Dolores Rush of Quincy wishes she never obtained a so-called reverse mortgage on her three-bedroom family home. She and her now-deceased husband had paid...

Lawsuit says reverse-mortgage companies cheated 95-year-old with drive-by home inspections

A 95-year-old woman backed by consumer and elderly advocates sued two reverse-mortgage companies for charging allegedly excessive fees after she fell into foreclosure proceedings.


Two investigations by The Eye named finalists for education reporting honor

Two investigations by The Eye -- one exploring problems at a private school for children with special needs and the other revealing perks for college presidents...

Governor reviewing findings of neglect, abuse at Chamberlain International School

Governor Baker says his office is reviewing a report alleging abuse and neglect at the Chamberlain International School for special education students in Middleborough.


Green groups oppose Massachusetts takeover of more water oversight

Why does Gov. Charlie Baker, who has proposed further cuts in environmental spending, want the state to take on even more water oversight from the federal government?

Years of budget cuts disarm Massachusetts in environmental fight

Massachusetts has made deep cuts to environmental agency budgets in recent years, leaving many state parks unstaffed and much of its surface water untested for bacteria.


At an old munitions site, hikers get no warning of newfound...

A 130-acre tract of conservation land south of Boston remains largely open to public use without posted warnings despite new risks of unexploded munitions...

New laws leave voters to navigate maze of requirements

Since the last presidential election in 2012, states passed dozens of new voting requirements, particularly regarding photo IDs.


Pembroke Hospital cuts psychiatric beds after staffing criticism

A for-profit psychiatric hospital that’s faced repeated criticism has reduced its patient capacity by more than a third.

Renovation boom revives a deadly demon for Massachusetts workers

Thousands of workers are routinely exposed to danger asbestos without adequate safety protections. The gap between regulation and on-the-ground conditions at job sites can lead to incurable cancer.